Tips on picking the right sunscreen for your skin

Jenna the Denver hair removal specialist here to talk about protecting your skin in this very hot month of July! One thing that people aren’t really aware of is the fact that sunscreen should be the last resort of skin protection. Wearing clothing reduces your burn risk by 27% and staying in the shade reduces that risk by 30%. You can also try to go outside during the early morning or late afternoon as the sun is lower in the sky and less likely to cause burns. These are all primary prevention methods, as it reduces exposure to sun. Wearing sunscreen is a secondary prevention method, as you are already exposed to the sun and sunscreen seeks to minimize potential damage.

Other things to note are that a super high SPF isn’t that helpful. If you are wearing a sunscreen with SPF 50+, what may end up happening is you spend too much time in the sun, thinking you are fully protected. The truth is that you won’t get burned necessarily, but you may end up with other skin damage instead. Sunscreen that contains Vitamin A, also known as retinyl palmitate or retinol, should be avoided as it can contribute to tumor or lesion development. Also avoid sunscreen with oxybenzone in it; this is a synthetic estrogen that can mess with your hormone system. Don’t buy a combo sunscreen/insect repellant; rather, apply them separately, and the repellant should go first. Jenna the Aurora electrolysis specialist signing off, stay tuned for more helpful tips in the upcoming months!