How to choose the best sunglasses

Jenna the Cherry Creek electrolysis expert here to talk about taking care of yourself in the sun! When you’re outside, don’t forget to wear sunglasses! Even if you’re wearing sunscreen, it’s not exactly like you can slather that on your eyeballs. A good pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes against UV radiation. UV radiation does not affect eyes the same way it affects skin; it causes cataracts. This week I want to go over protecting your eyes from the sun, and the best way to do so is to get good sunglasses. How do you choose the best sunglasses?

The best sunglasses are those marked with 100% UV protection. Big, oversized sunglasses aren’t just a fashion statement; they protect your eyes better by cutting down on the amount of UV that can penetrate your eyes from the sides. Keep in mind that the darkness of the lenses doesn’t offer additional protection; you’re not any safer just because your shades are super dark. It doesn’t actually matter what color your sunglasses are, but if you’re interested in something that increases contrast consider amber, green or gray lenses. Polarized is not a synonym for protection; polarized sunglasses reduce glare that comes from reflective surfaces. Polarized sunglasses are not a requirement for protection against the sun, but they can make certain activities, such as driving, safer. You don’t have to buy super expensive sunglasses to get good protection; less expensive sunglasses can be just as good as very pricey ones. I hope this has been helpful! Stay tuned for more safety tips in the sun from this Lone Tree permanent hair removal specialist next week!