Complications related to pubic hair removal

Jenna the Denver hair removal specialist here to talk to you today about an article called “Complications related to pubic hair removal.” I admit, I never suspected to read a scholarly work with the words “pubic hair” in it but it exists. Apparently, 50% of women between the ages of 18 and 24 remove this hair. They do it for sexual or aesthetic reasons. What many people don’t realize is that using a hair removal method like waxing, if not done correctly, can result in burns, severe skin irritation, infection, and even spread of STDs! There’s also your typical ingrown hairs and contact dermatitis. This study was designed to look at “hair removal practices, complications, and characteristics associated with complications” and the population being analyzed was low income, racially diverse women.

333 women were both willing to and eligible to participate. The study found that the mean age of participants was 24.7, and a greater number of women reported removing all hair rather than some of their hair. Most participants currently were removing this hair, and almost everyone, at least at some point, had shaved their hair with a razor blade. Among women who had ceased removing the hair, reasons given were disliking side effects, too much of a hassle, not having sex, liking their hair, being pregnant, or their partner wanted them to stop removing the hair. I’ll continue reviewing this article next week, but until then, Jenna the Lone Tree electrologist wishes you a great rest of the week.