Complications related to pubic hair removal, Part 2

Jenna the Parker electrologist here to continue reviewing the article “Complications related to pubic hair removal.” White women were more likely to experience a complication from hair removal than Hispanic or black women. Women who were obese or overweight were more likely to report complications from hair removal than women who were underweight or of normal weight.

One interesting question is why Hispanic or black women suffered from less complications than white women. In this survey, they did not ask participants how often they removed the hair. It could be that they simply removed that hair far less often than white participants, which would explain the fewer complications. Another question is why overweight and obese women had more complications than under or normal weight women. The answer to that could be that the heavier women have a harder time seeing the region where they are removing the hair.

The main takeaway from this study is that women should receive advice on how to groom this hair from physicians as if done incorrectly, hair removal can cause serious problems. This would be an especially appropriate subject for gynecologists or a women’s health specialists to broach with their patients. Doctors should ask their patients while taking a history if they remove that hair, and if so, provide guidelines and suggestions.

I learned a lot reading the article, and I’m very glad that I’m a certified and licensed hair removal provider, because someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing in hair removal can do a lot of damage. Jenna the permanent hair removal specialist signing off for the rest of the day!