Chatting with clients

Jenna the Denver electrologist here, today I wanted to talk about my relationship with clients. Some of my clients like to quietly lie there during treatment. Other clients like to chat with me about their lives. I think that’s pretty common for anyone providing beauty related services be it haircutting, manicures, facials, and hair removal, to get this range of responses. I really enjoy talking to my clients though, who are an incredibly diverse range of people with so many different experiences. Sometimes we talk about pleasant topics like fun events, holidays, kids’ soccer games, and weddings. Sometimes, the topics are less pleasant, like breakups, financial issues, and lawsuits. The last one is a biggie. I’m shocked by how many people are constantly getting drawn into litigation. It sucks. I always tell them that even if they are in the right, they need to respond to the summons, complaint or petition with an answer form or the judge may rule against them automatically just because they never responded.  I don’t know a lot about legal matters, but my daughter works for a New York employment law firm and I get a lot of tips from her. I also know people who work in a huge variety of jobs, so if you’re having a problem, maybe I know someone you can talk to! You never know, maybe we can all help each other out.

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