Electrolysis: Observations from 13 years and 140,000 hours of experience – Part 1

Jenna the Denver electrologist here, continuing her series on scholarly articles related to electrolysis. I find these articles by running searches on PubMed. The article that we are going to look at today is “Electrolysis: Observations from 13 years and 140,000 hours of experience” by Robert N. Richards and Gay E. Meharg. Did you know […]

Hirsutism: an evidence-based treatment update

Jenna the Highlands Ranch permanent hair removal specialist here! This is the third in a series of articles I discovered while playing around with this database called PubMed. This one is about hirsutism. The authors wrote this paper to let people know about the various types of treatments available for hirsutism and which ones seem […]

Diode Laser: Permanent hair “Reduction” Not “Removal”

Hey, Jenna the Cherry Creek electrologist here! This is the second in a series of articles that I found on PubMed relating to hair removal. This isn’t really a study as much as it seems to be letter to an editor in the International Journal of Trichology, the official journal of the Hair Research Society […]

Comparison of Efficacy Between Novel Robot-Assisted Laser Hair Removal and Physician-Directed Hair Removal

Jenna the Denver permanent hair removal specialist here! Wow, it’s been awhile since my last post. What’s been going on with me lately… well my daughter started graduate school in public health. She’s learning all about how to write scholarly articles, and she showed me this online database called PubMed… it’s got millions of studies […]