Mouzon v. Radiancy, Inc.

Jenna the Cherry Creek permanent hair removal specialist here to continue talking about the lawsuit Mouzon v. Radiancy, Inc. You can catch up on the case by reading the complaint here.

Another accusation made by the lawsuit is that Radiancy, Inc. paid employees and endorsers to write online reviews for their devices. This was in response to all the negative online reviews they were receiving.

Many of the online complaints centered on the device not removing hair and not leaving smooth skin behind, as well as the fact that the device singed the hair and created the smell of burning. Some claimed that the device burned them as well.

Radiancy, Inc. made a lot of claims about no!no! devices being extremely similar to laser hair removal. They also claimed that a person using the device at home, who is not a hair removal specialist, can do as good as a job as a professional.

Another claim they made is that no!no! devices were clinically tested and proven. Radiancy, Inc. claimed to have all these studies verifying the effects of the devices, but oddly enough, they never submitted these studies to the FDA in order to get approval for the device. That’s absolutely ridiculous that they were selling a hair removal device that wasn’t FDA approved. Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal, so come to this Greenwood Village electrolysis specialist before resorting to such non-FDA approved methods.